Saturday, July 10, 2010

Addendum on electrical

I received some feedback on yesterday's post about installing electrical boxes in the wall forms. Apparently the idea of the small wooden "locator" blocks against the plywood is difficult to grasp. I'm sorry I failed to photograph the blocks before we put the DMB's into Jack's wall forms, so I went back to the photos we took during construction of Terra's house and found a few that illustrate this detail.

The photographs that accompany this post clearly show a locator block and how the outlet box slips over one. Hopefully this clears things up. Thanks to all you readers for the feedback.

Also, just for fun I'm including a photo of Terra working on her electrical just like Jack did yesterday on his electrical. Of all the elements that go into a house, electrical is a good one for the homeowner to get involved in. The skills required are relatively low but the appreciation factor is high because they live with the result for years to come.

More on Wednesday.

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