Monday, July 19, 2010

Wall building phase one

Today was the start of the rammed earth for the lower bedroom wing. The crew was comprised of Edward with a helper on the mix rig, Khyber on the distribution end of the rotating conveyor, Rigo overseeing compaction quality, and six guys in the forms running rammers. The first day is always a little slow, especially ten feet down in the forms. We had some problems with the conditioned soil clogging up the mix auger and a little form movement due to over compaction. We installed horizontal steel as we built our way up in the forms, a big window displacement box, and plumbing vent lines, but, all in all pretty good production.

The photos in this post illustrate loading the mix rig, material moving up the elevating conveyors, and the rotating conveyor delivering into the forms. We should finish tomorrow and be ready to pour the bond beam on Wednesday.

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