Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moving formwork for phase III

We started first thing Wednesday morning getting ready to move the wall forms from the kitchen to upstairs for the tower bedrooms. There is a lot of work involved in preparing for this move: form ties to pull; electrical boxes to cut loose; scaffold planks to take down; screws holding the VDB's to the wall forms to take out, and the inside corners to remove. It took five of us about four hours. John with Accurate Crane arrived on site a ten and was set up by eleven.

We had decided to do the tower formwork in a different sequence than the kitchen. For the kitchen, we set both the inside and outside forms up on the same day, then had to climb down inside the forms to work on the electrical, reinforcing, and displacement boxes and to oil the forms. For these second story walls, especially because we would be working up in the air, we thought it would be more efficient to set the inside forms first, then give ourselves a couple of days to work on electrical, displacement boxes, reinforcing steel, and top of wall details.

That's what we did today, put in the electrical and tied the first two courses of reinforcing steel. We all agreed it was much easier without the outside form. Rigo and his carpenters started reassembling displacement boxes for the upstairs doors and windows. I'm hoping they'll be finished by Monday so the crane can come back and set the outside forms. We're aiming for the final two ramming days Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

The photos in this post illustrate the panels being lifted off the kitchen and set up on the concrete floor deck of the second story. No matter how many times we do this, it is always a treat to unveil well-built rammed earth walls. The final photo shows Juliet wetting down the fresh walls. The cement hydration benefits enormously from extra water for the first week or so.

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