Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pouring the kitchen bond beam

We took Monday off to build mock-up walls for an upcoming project in Yountiville, but were back on site early Tuesday to prep the top of the walls for the bond beam. This involved the horizontal reinforcing steel (2 #5's plus extra bars over the big window); steel plates to mount the roof beams; electrical conduits and boxes for the track and shelf lights; and a perimeter 2 x 6 pressure treated sill plate with anchor bolts for the SIP attachment. Actually, it was quite a bit of work and took every bit of the time we had allowed between 7:00 and 1:00, when we started pouring. (In fact, we hadn't allowed quite enough time, because we had to skip lunch.)

The pour itself was easy - 3-1/2 yards of six sack pea gravel with 10% fly ash. We used a grout pump and two inch hose, so there wasn't much weight to struggle with. We poured slowly, stopping at each corner to screed the concrete flat. Total time about two hours.

The photos illustrate the organization: Edward on the grout hose, Khyber and Rigo screeding and floating; me on the vibrator, and two helpers with the hose.

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