Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Progress Report, August 31

We finished the rammed earth on the second story Friday, a little after noon - pretty much as I had estimated. Friday's crew was again eleven people. We had time left in the day to start preparing for the bond beam pour. I'm including a photo in this post of the crew at the top of the rammed earth walls. The telebelt was definitely worth the money.

On Monday we returned to complete the bond beam preparation, which includes a 9" x 6" light shelf around the inside perimeter. To maximize the value of the concrete pump, we thought it made sense to dig, form, and pour the remaining footings for the living room and bathroom framed walls. This meant we also had to finish the plumbing rough-in.

As it turned out, getting all this done by Tuesday at 1:30 was a challenge, but we made it. The concrete truck and pump arrived on site a little before 2;00. We poured the second story bond beam first, then dropped the hose down to ground level and poured the living room foundation, the bathroom grade beam, and the window wall grade beam- a total of nine yards.

With the foundations now finished, we can take delivery of the structural steel for the living room, plus we can do all of the under slab preparation: plumbing and radiant tubing supply lines, rock, insulation, vapor barrier, sand, reinforcing, and radiant heat tubing. We're trying to cram a lot of work into the next few days. We have the crane scheduled for Thursday to remove the rammed earth forms from the second story and to set the steel roof beams for the kitchen and upper bedrooms.

The photos in this post show the final ramming, plus pouring the bond beam and the living room foundation. The last one shows the house from a vantage point you haven't seen before: a shot from the north with the kitchen on the left, the two story bedroom tower on the right, and thhe living room with its fifteen foot tall window wall in the center.

We couldn't be getting this much work done without the smart work of everyone on the team, plus those we keep adding. Today we had help from Cynthia and Juliet, as well as Enriquez plumbing, Sanchez and Sons Concrete Pumping, and the Mountain View Building Department.

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