Thursday, August 5, 2010

Progress Report, August 5

We ran up against a scheduling challenge. In order to relocate the wall forms from the kitchen to the upstairs bedrooms, we first have to build the concrete floor deck for the second story, and give it a good seven days of curing before loading it with the weight of the forms and the conveyor tower.

Rigo and his crew worked on buttoning up the kitchen wall forms, which took four days. While they were doing this, Khyber was working on the steel I-beams (W8 x 35) that support the 20 gauge pan deck, onto which the second floor concrete slab will be poured. There were some tricky aspects to getting the beams in place, plus he had to weld a 3/4" spacer on the top side of the beams so that the sheetrock ceiling will float over the beams rather than butting into them. Finally, he had to weld 3/4" studs to the tops of the spacers to anchor the concrete slab to the beams. The cost jury is still out on whether a steel and concrete floor will be less expensive than wood frame, but it seemed to go quickly, especially for our first time using this system.

Terra came down from Calaveras County to deliver the beam brackets and to lend a hand. She helped clean and seal the bedroom walls after we water cured them for seven days. You can see Terra in one of the photos spraying Glaze n' Seal on the walls, a job she perfected at her house. Two of the other photos show the beams and pan deck from the underside. The final shot shows the completed pan deck with the kitchen wall forms in the background.

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