Thursday, August 12, 2010

Second floor slab

We progressed rapidly on the preparation for the suspended slab, tieing the #3 rebar grid and the radiant tubing for the floor heat in less than half a day. We passed our inspection and poured the slab yesterday morning - 8 yards of six sack pea gravel, pumped through a two-inch hose. Our guys worked with a team of three concrete finishers. We were done with the whole thing by noon.

The day before, Jaysin brought the steel stair landing, and he and Khyber dropped it in place as the header over the downstairs doorway. The cantilevered landing is designed to support the concrete slab across the door opening and to support the stairway coming up from the living room. All of this was custom work specific to this project. It was complicated, but well-thought out and well-executed.

The photos in this post illustrate the process: steel and tubing tied with screed boards installed; pouring and rodding the concrete; and then the bull floating. We also used linseed oil as a cure-seal, sprayed onto the fresh concrete after leveling.


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