Monday, August 23, 2010

Upper floor formwork

Last Thursday we stripped the kitchen walls and hoisted half of the forms into place on top of the bedroom suspended slab as a test to see whether it would be much easier to install the displacement boxes and services with only one form face installed. The jury is in and without doubt it was easier - enough of a savings in man-hours to justify the expense of a second move-in for the crane.

It took us two and a half days to run the services and install the displacement boxes. John of Accurate Crane arrived today around two to set a door box and the four outside form panels. We had done a thorough job preparing, and total elapsed time was about two and a half hours. To be safe, once the panels were lifted into place, the team installed the form ties to secure the inner and outer form panels together.

Tomorrow we'll button up the corners, screw the displacement boxes square and plumb, and set a top of wall ledger. We're actually a day ahead of schedule on this phase, but have to wait until Thursday to start ramming because of a scheduling conflict with the telebelt conveyor.

The photos in this post illustrate hoisting a door box into place, and the west wall with its windows, bathroom niches, plumbing and electrical. In the final photo you can see the 24-foot form panel closing off the west wall.

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