Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Final roof panels and September progress

This week is turning into another five days that will feel like eight. Back in the corner of the lot Edward, Taj and Gabe are building the rammed earth walls for the garage. In the house today we set the last of the SIPs over the living room and installed the steel stairs that Jaycin fabricated. We also loaded the drywall and cotton insulation. Patrick and his carpenters are framing the interior partitions, and Juan the plumber is finishing the rough-in before we lay down the membranes for the shower pan and the upstairs bathroom floor. All the plumbing fixtures have been delivered. Tomorrow the electrician arrives to start on the electrical rough-in. The window and door installation crew comes on Friday.
We're tracking costs and man-hours closely to compare with our estimates. At this stage it's looking like we are ahead of schedule and under budget, although finishing costs have a tendency to surprise you.
The first photo in the post shows the house at first light this morning. The other two show the stairs installed and the roof panels being lowered into place.


  1. the pics are going from informative to very attractive!

  2. i really like how the stair fabrication turned out. the color of the steel against warm rammed earth wall looks just great!
    would like to to see more photos of the garage though. maybe in another post?