Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pouring kitchen and bedroom floors

We got to the job really early Wednesday morning to make the final preparations for the two big floor slabs. This included a couple of electrical runs I had overlooked, plus the short water line for the ice maker, and of course one last check of everything that would soon be set in concrete.

Mike Sanchez arrived at 7:00 with the pump, Jesse Rodriguez and his finishers arrived at 7:30, and the concrete (again a six sack pea gravel with 10% fly ash) arrived at 8:00. They had both rooms poured out by about 9:30. The weather was overcast so it took almost two hours before they could get back onto the slab with knee boards and mag floats. After a second break, for lunch and job site chatter, the slabs were ready for steel trowels, and finally burnishing trowels for a polished finish. We're doing a tung oil final treatment after the slabs have cured.

The photos in this post show the pouring and the finished floor, one of them yesterday and the last one of the floor this morning before we covered it with Ram Board and black plastic. These will stay on throughout the rest of framing and finish.

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