Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Radiant heated slabs

Yesterday and today we completed all of the underslab preparation, including the copper plumbing supply and the plastic radiant tubing lines. As I've outlined in previous posts, the components for a complete slab preparation are: 3" of drain rock, 6 mil plastic sheeting, 1" of rigid insulation, 1" of sand, a 12" x 12" grid of #3 rebar, and finally a pattern of radiant tubing for in-floor heat.

Totaled we probably had 50 man hours for the 1800 square feet of ground floor slabs. Tomorrow we're pouring the kitchen and bedroom slabs, then on Friday we'll come back and pour the big living room and the bathroom.

The photos in the last post showed the electrical conduit, copper water lines, and the rock being spread. In this post we see the tubing in the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. In the shot of the bathroom you can see the wooden boxes for the tub drain and the shower drain where the P-traps will be. We spaced the tubing 12" apart in a 4" thick slab. This should be close enough to keep the slab uniformly warm. We have four heating zones in the house: kitchen, living room, upstairs bed and bath, and downstairs bed and bath.

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