Thursday, September 16, 2010

Roof trusses and wood framing

We jamb-packed the site today, with people working at all quadrants: foundations, patios, walls, and roofs. The inspector signed off on the garage and the SIP roof attachments so we're pouring concrete and installing a roof underlayment tomorrow. Today we set the steel tension trusses on the living room and started framing the bathroom pop-out. Juan Arizmendi, one of the carpenters, is also our plumber so we're able to frame and plumb the bathroom without missing a beat. To add to the activities, Taj and Terra were busy in the upstairs bedroom doing a grout-wash finish on the rammed earth walls. Totaled, there were twelve of us on site, plus a crane operator for an hour. The daily labor expense is high, but the progress justifies it. We're hoping to move Jack into the house by Thanksgiving.

I don't think the photos quite capture it yet, but with the trusses on we can really get a sense of the space in living room with it's open plan and high ceiling. The photos show the trusses being lowered into place (they fit exactly) and Khyber up on the frame welding an angle iron for the perimeter nailer, plus one of the framing for bathroom pop-out. You can see the niches in the rammed earth wall for the two upstairs sinks. The boards across the bottoms of the windows are the forms for the cast-in-place concrete window sills, which will be poured tomorrow.

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