Thursday, September 2, 2010

Second story formwork take-down

We spent yesterday getting ready for form removal - pulling screws from the displacement boxes and the corners, removing the form ties, and taking down the inside scaffolding. John arrived with crane at seven this morning to set up, and by 8:00 we had the first of the eight panels onto the ground. Since we're now finished with all of the rammed earth walls for this house, we loaded half the panels onto a twenty-foot flat bed and Edward hauled them to our next job, in Yountville. The other panels are being disassembled, and we'll move the components off site tomorrow when Edward returns with half of the structural steel for the living room. We get the posts and beams tomorrow, then the trusses next week. We had the steel fabricated by Moose Metal in Concord.

Khyber spent the day working on the steel beams for the kitchen and upstairs roofs. First he mounted the brackets onto the bond beams, measured and drilled holes in the beams, and attached the 6 x 6 doug fir nailer into the web of the beam. The SIPs will be attached to the 6 x 6. His measurements on the holes were perfect, and the four beams fit right into place. We're liking this roof system. It seems easy and efficient to install. You can see in one of the photos how the two beams plane out with the sill plates. The SIPs should come right off the delivery truck and into place. That's scheduled for next Thursday.

Take a close look at the photos in this post. The upper walls are still damp so they're much darker than the lower walls, which are fully cured. You can see the seam between the upper and lower rammed earth walls, but just barely. We'll chip the upper wall back a little where it "lipped" over the lower walls and work some wall mix into the seam.

Also today we passed our under floor plumbing inspection, so tomorrow we'll run the copper water supply lines, the radiant tubing supply, and the electrical conduits; then spread the drain rock that Randy delivered today. Next week I hope to both pour the slabs and set the roof. That will make it eight weeks since we started.


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