Saturday, September 4, 2010

Under-slab services

Earlier in the week, while the wall formwork was coming down, we completed the plumbing waste and vent lines. These have to be buried deep enough to get the required fall. Once the waste lines are inspected, then they are buried and the sub grade leveled.

Next come the plumbing supply lines - soft copper - and the electrical conduits that connect the sub-panel with the different electrical circuits. Once these two services are provided for then a 3" to 4" bed of drain rock is spread over the grade to provide a capillary break between the ground and the slab.

We jammed the job site on Friday, putting Juan the plumber and Eric the electrician practically on top of each other; and as soon as they finished a room, we brought the rock in right behind them. We're trying to get ready for an inspection on Tuesday, a pour on Wednesday, and the SIPs arriving on Thursday.

Rigo and Patrick disassembled window boxes, Khyber set anchors for the steel trusses supports, and Edward made another trip hauling off formwork.

The photos in this post illustrate some of that work, including a photo of how the job looks as of Friday.

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