Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week fifteen update

Another week of working on several fronts. One team of masons finished the face bricks on the north wall while another team (mostly Juan working alone) worked on the west bathroom wall. Each team is using a slightly different technique as we try to evaluate the cost and appearance of the rammed earth veneer. The technique on the north wall has left a mortar residue that we are going to try sandblasting to remove. We think the sandblasting will also reveal more of the aggregate and create a texture that more resembles the rammed earth walls themselves.

We finished the rammed earth walls of the garage and used a high cement/low clay/extra water formula for the garage door header. We moved the mix rig and conveyors up to the project in Los Altos where we have walls to build week after next. With the equipment out of the way we were able to do a thorough clean up and graded the side and back yards. Good thing because it's raining this weekend.

Antonio built and installed the five-foot wide front door made of solid old growth redwood salvaged from Terra's water tank. The pivot hardware is so well-manufactured that the heavy door swings with the touch of a finger. He's also built the two big sliding doors for the downstairs bedroom. These doors were made of recycled doug fir.

The sheetrock tapers finish on Monday and the painter starts on Tuesday. The tile setters have finished all their mortar beds and are starting to lay the bathroom tiles. We're still on schedule to finish by Thanksgiving, but the budget is taking a hit.

The photos illustrate the work described above. Let me know what you think of the rammed earth brick veneer, or if you'd rather, wait until the landscaping is in.

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