Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week Fourteen Update

Here's a quick review and photos of progress from the past week at Jack's house. I had forgotten how slow and what a mess sheetrock taping and mudding is, especially going for a level 5 finish and with the details we're trying to achieve. We draped plastic over all the rammed earth walls and steel beams to protect them, but there are globs of mud on the plastic covering the floors and white dust everywhere. Cindy interviewed tile setters and painters, who came back with bids twice what we were expecting. There go my hopes of coming in under budget!

Outside the house we started laying up the compressed earth face bricks on two of the six framed wall faces, and we went back to work on the rammed earth walls for the garage. The 8" wide garage walls are turning out to be extremely dense and well-compacted, which must be a factor of the thin cross-section. The face bricks are slow to lay up, but creating an interesting contrast to the monolithic rammed earth walls. This is the first-ever application of an earth face brick that I know of. We're trying it here to evaluate whether or not veneers of rammed earth have any market potential. Wait until next week when I post photos of the walls finished, then give me your opinion.

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