Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week Thirteen Update

This week gave us our first sense of how the house will feel once it's completed. The glass installers from Collier's Warehouse are done with their work, finishing with the 24 x 14 store front wall in the living room. All of the dry wall is up throughout the house, with the exception of the bathrooms (we're waiting for shower pans), and the exterior wood frame walls are sheeted plywood and 30 pound felt as waterproofing. Four of the exterior walls will be paneled with redwood siding reclaimed from the demolition and two walls finished with compressed earth face bricks. The walls that are to receive the face bricks have been prepped with stucco wire and a cement and sand scratch coat.
You can see some of these stages in the attached photos. Next week will be mudding the drywall, laying the face bricks, and hopefully getting the shower pans and waterproofing into the bathrooms.


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  2. David, I really like the first image of you sitting in the window opening on the second floor. Are you patching the window opening?