Friday, October 1, 2010

Week twelve update

The momentum has changed a bit with the departure of the rammed earth team, although there is still a lot happening as we move into the final stages. The building inspector signed off on the wood frame shear walls so we can start the exterior wood siding and rammed earth face bricks. The rough electrical and cotton insulation are done and ready for the drywall. Half of the windows are in, and the roofs are covered with waterproofing in preparation for the standing seam metal. The full timers are Patrick and Juan. Eric the electrician was on site three days and the window installers were here for four. Edward and Julio came down from Napa to process the recycled redwood we're using as siding and doors. Cindy is full time, managing everyone on site and all the suppliers who will be providing products for the finish stages.
The photos in this post show some of the work going on: windows, wiring, cotton insulation and a shot from the north with the clerestory windows installed in the frame wall.

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  1. Thanks for the update! I was unaware that we were going to use the denim insulation and so glad that's what you, Cindy, and Jack installed.