Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving (week twenty) update

PG&E is scheduled for next week to hook up the gas and electricity, the last steps before the city grants an occupancy permit. All of the cabinets and appliances are installed, 90% of the plumbing and lighting fixtures, 95% of the roof metal, and the Caesarstone kitchen countertops come on Thursday.

We've delivered the fruit trees (three citrus, a fig, a cherry, and a persimmon) plus most of the rest of the plant material. We're setting the concrete and rammed earth pavers for the front and back walkways, and have built half of the recycled pipe arbor for the front porch. We're a little over budget, but ahead of schedule, hoping to move Jack and Juliet in the second week in December.

Although our real business is building stabilized earth walls - mix designs, equipment provisioning and training - at Jack's house, like Terra's house last year (and V3.0 next year), we are responsible for all aspects of design and construction. The challenge we set for ourselves is to refine the relationships between each of the various building elements, both structure and finish, in the hopes of establishing a new milestone for simple, practical, environmentally responsible housing.

The photos in this post show the standing seam roof metal and the front of the house with ebony stain on the recycled redwood. And as promised in the last post, a couple of photos of what the rammed earth crew are working on. The first shot is of a 200-foot long pise wall being shot in Yountville and the second is a 150-foot long 30-foot high rammed earth at Eric's house, overlooking the San Francisco bay.

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