Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week eighteen update

The painters have left, the cabinets have been delivered, and most of the finish plumbing is set. The kraft paper is coming off the floors and the door hardware has arrived. Next week Cynthia is going to start Rene on the landscaping, although we're still waiting for PG&E to lay the gas service line which keeps the trench along the front door open.
Half of the rammed earth team is building walls in the hills above Mountain View and the other half is building walls at a Hertzog and deMuron project in Yountville. I'll try to have photos of the other jobs to show you next week. We're spread thin, trying to finish up a lot of work before cold wet weather makes building with earth even more challenging than it usually is.
The photos in this post show the living room trusses painted white, the kitchen cabinets in place, the recycled redwood front door and siding, and a picture of Jack in the shower hoping for water one day soon.

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  1. Jack will get wet! Get Jack out from under the shower! Wet wet Jack.