Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jack's House Finished!

Although there are still some minor tasks remaining we're going to call December 11th the last day of construction. We hooked up the gas and turned on the floor heat, took up all the paper and plastic protecting the floors, installed the stair railing, cleaned and mopped top to bottom. The irrigations systems are in, the sod installed, the front trellis welded in place, the walkways poured or tamped, planter beds built and planted, and all tools and trashed hauled either back to the shop or to the recycling center. Jack and Juliet are moving in over the next week.
The last six weeks were hectic, but we were focussed on a deadline of December 13th (the day we left for our R&R in Hana), and thanks to the help of many we made it.
I'll draft a final post with some cost and manpower analyses in a while, along with a few exterior photos once the landscaping takes hold, but for now take a look at the pictures in this post illustrating the relationships between the materials: rammed earth and gyp board, polished concrete, painted steel, glass tiles, and composite countertops.
To us, the project was a huge success: efficient construction, simple yet striking, great relationship building. Keep checking on the Rammed Earth Works website for future blogs. We're not sure yet which house we'll build for 2011, but I might create a blog to tell the story of how we built the house in Hana Maui. If I do, I'll call it "Shipwreck - Building on an Island".

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  1. Many congratulations!I can't stop admiring the rammed earth walls, they look amazing. :)